Vintage Car Leather Restored To Original Black

Products Used: Leather Restoration Kit

Here are some 'before' and 'after' photos of leather seating out of a vintage car which Jim kindly sent me.

"Here are photos of my 92 year old leather with cat damage, torn missing piece (which i had enough orig leather to add in ), plus dry from 50 years of barn storage. Otherwise remarkable condition for its age."

This first photo is a shot of the front seat, taken from inside the car ...

damaged, scratched and worn front seat

This next shot is the seat cover removed from the rear seat. You can see chunk of leather missing on the top edge ....

back seat with a chunk of leather missing

Here's a close up show the exent of the wear and tear. Not bad of 92 years!

a close up showing how the leather has worn

A piece of leather was carefully glued in place and the join was filled then smoothed over.

Now, here's the rear seat with the missing piece repaired, then completely refinished ...

repaired and refinished back seat

The front seat refinished ...

completed front seat

An 'after' photo of another finished trim piece ...

finished trim piece

Here's the completed outside back of the front seat ...

finished outside back of front seat

What did Jim think of his results?

"Hi Paul, I finally reached the colour stage on Saturday after stripping and repairing damaged/ripped/missing pieces. All i can say is WOW!"