Over 54 'Before' And 'After' Photos Showing Results Folks Have Been Getting With The DIY Leather Products

When I see people getting amazing results like these, it really does make it all worth while. For me, this is real live proof that it really is that simple and ANYONE can do it.

Check out the following 'before'and 'after' shots ...

porsche seats worn and tired Leather seats restored

Porsche Leather Restored

"Hi Paul, I recently purchased a 21-year-old Porsche Boxster as a hobby car. The leather seats had been showing wear-and-tear with paint worn away in some areas, along with some cracking and creasing. I wasn’t getting anywhere with a number of off-the-shelf products I tried. As this is quite a unique colour and this car is special to me I felt that I needed a proper colour match and an easy-to-use restoration kit which you were able to provide for me. This was really straight forward to apply, and I’m super pleased with the results. The colour is perfect, seats are nice and supple and it’s made a huge difference to the overall appearance of the interior. I highly recommend your services to anyone looking to restore leather car seats!" Greg - Whangaparaoa

damaged leather couch leather couch restored

Leather Corner Couch Restored

"Hi Paul. I bought a large corner leather couch off trademe recently. Unfortunately the photos of the trademe purchase didn't show the rather extensive superficial damage to the leather. After some googling, I came across your website, and some awesome testimonials, and thought it was worth a punt. Needless to say, I'm stoked with the results, thank you so much! It's turned a comfortable-but-ugly couch into a magnificent specimen. Looking forward to picking up some more doer-upper leather pieces off trademe now!" Sally - Rotorua

worn leather couch leather couch refinished

Worn Leather Couch Refinished

"Hi Paul. Fantastic products and easy instructions with wonderful results. I'm really pleased! " Derek- Auckland

faded leather couch leather couch recoloured

Faded Leather Couch Recoloured

"Hey Paul. Just wanted to say thanks - the results we got from the leather restoration kit were off the richter awesome!!! Before - super faded and lots of cracking (not the best photo. After - look at that colour - and no more fading!!! We're so happy with the colour and how easy it was to restore - thanks for your help! " Richard and Rene- Auckland

faded waxed Oiled leather couch waxed oiled leather couch recoloured

Tired Looking Waxed Oiled Leather Suite Treated

"Hi Paul. I finally had enough time to do the couch on the weekend and it looks fabulous! Your instructions were very easy to follow. It looks like a new couch and the waxy feel is so much better than the original. Thank you for your assistance. " Stephanie- Orewa

faded leather couch after using leather restoration kit

Faded Leather Couch Restored

"Hi Paul. I was very nervous to start but so very happy with the results! I love the natural look! Thanks so much for your help and guidance. " Gina - Queenstown

tired waxed oiled leather chair waxed oiled leather chair after treatment

Tired Looking Waxed Oiled Leather Suite Treated

"Hi Paul. I've been using another brand of care products for my leather but doesn't really do much! After using your waxed oil care kit, the difference was dramatic! Here's a before and after photo of one of the chairs. The leather is softer, feels good and looks richer. Thanks so much for your help. " Sam - Timaru

scratched, dry leather couch Leather couch after treatment

Vintage Leather Couch Treated With Care Products

"Hi Paul. We recently purchased this furniture in the 'vintage leather range'. It seems like it had no protection at all and our 3 children have made scratches on it already so it's looking pretty worn which is a shame as it wasn't cheap. We were told by the salesman not to use any care products on it. But we wanted to condition it and find something to help blend these scratches. The care products you sent have definitely improved the look of the leather, covered some of the scratches, and made it look richer in colour, which is great!" Emma - Hamilton

worn out Austin leather seat Refurbished leather seat

1952 Austin Seats Refurbished

"Hi Paul, I finished the seats and attached a photo of the back seats. They came up brilliantly and exceeded my expectations! Thanks for your help." John - Invercargil

worn and damaged leather couch leather couch after restoration work

Worn, Tired Leather Couch Restored

"Hi Paul, the system I bought from you is brilliant!! The suite looks amazing..." Dave - Furnichur, Turangi

faded red leather sofa red sofa recoloured

Faded Red Leather Sofa Recoloured

"Hi Paul, I have finished the 3 seat sofa and am amazed by the results! Thanks for all your help too." Clive - Blenheim

Faded leather chair refinished leather chair

Faded Leather Chairs Recoloured

"Hi Paul, we are rapt with the outcome with our chairs. Thanks heaps for your help with this." Jo - Queenstown

Worn leather car seat car seat refinished

Cracked Armstrong Siddeley Seat Refinished

"Hi Paul, I am very pleased with the result and would encourage others to 'have a go'. I can not recommend your system highly enough and will have no hesitation in repeating the exercise when AU9195 needs it." Don - Otaki

Faded waxed oiled leather chair Refinished waxed oil chair

Waxed Oiled Leather Chair Restored

"Hi Paul, I have finished the chair and ottoman and am very pleased with the finished product. The instructions and materials you provide were easy to use and as you can see the furniture almost looks brand new. Thanks for your help with this project." Leigh - New Plymouth

Faded stained leather chair Chairs completed

Faded & Stained Dining Chairs Recoloured

"Hi Paul, Chairs have come up very nicely, thanks very much for your help!" Keith - Wanaka

Faded leather couch couch recoloured to match chair

Leather Couch Recoloured To Match Existing Chair

"Hi Paul, It's been a while since we refinished the couch, but I wanted to send you the before and after pics. It matches well with our existing chair. We're really happy with the final result and love sitting on it every day. It looks new. Your help was very much appreciated! ." Simon - Christchurch

cracked leather couch couch after restoration

Cracked Leather Couch Recoloured

"Hello Paul, A few photo's attached fyi. Your colour matching was perfect. Many thanks. I'm delighted with the result achieved. It was well beyond my expectations. Just amazing! Your instruction booklet was clear and uncomplicated and was of great assistance. Thanks again" Graeme - Auckland

green leather chair leather chair colour changed to black

Leather Chair Colour Changed To Black

"Hi Paul, I think we did a pretty good job! Your instructions and product supplied was great! Had a lot of possive comments from friends. Amazing result! Thank you." Brendon- Whakatane

faded old couch faded old couch restored

Old Faded Couch Restored

Here are photos sent to me by Kate from Christchurch. The old couch looked really worn out, but look at it now!

jag leather before recolouring recoloured jag leather

Jag Leather Seats Recoloured

"Hi Paul, the colouring of the Jaguar seats went really well and it looks 100% better. Thank you for all your help." Mike - Cartel, Nelson

original couch before recolouring recoloured couch

Discarded Couch Colour Changed

"Hi Paul, This is the cream couch I found on the road side that was to be dumped! I brought it home and used your restoration kit to changed it to a dark brown. What a difference! Now it has a new life and my visitors can't believe the transformation. Thanks so much for your help. I've just found another couch I will restore with your products." Shannon - Auckland

cleaned leather couch

Care Products For Leather Suite

"Hi Paul, thought I would take time to email you. We bought a second hand lazy boy leather suite from some friends, whilst it had been well looked after and kept out of the sun it was shiny in appearance and felt boardy. I saw your product and although skeptical decided to purchase the leather care kit. Well I have just finished the suite and have to say the transformation is impressive and the leather feels so much softer and natural. Unfortunately I didnt`t take any before pics but it's as good as when purchased new. (looks way better than in the photo) Very good product thanks." Steve - Kaitaia

leather captains chair needing restoration work restored leather captains chair

Leather Captains Chair Recoloured

"Hi Paul, I have attached pics of my amateur restoration! Thank you for the pack and the very informative instructions - they were very helpful and reassuring. The entire job has been very satisfying and my family are very impressed! Thank you and will certainly refer you to anyone I come across looking to restore leather." David - Auckland

Cracked leather couch After recolouring

Cracked Leather Suite Rejuvenated

"Hi Paul, Having finished the colour application, I'm so thrilled! Thank you so much for your amazing kit and easy to follow, step by step instructions. I'm in awe of the fantastic job you have done of matching the colour and the opportunity you have given me to extend the life of my lounge suite. It looks fantastic! Coming from a small provincial town that doesn't offer a leather restoration service, it means a lot to have a professional provide the means to do it ourselves. You are awesome and a true professional!" Raewyn - Gisborne

green suite before recolouring green leather suite recoloured

Green Leather Suite Restored

"Hi Paul, I am delighted with the results. My embarrassing 25yr old leather suite is now as good as new. Can't wait to show it off. Your detailed instructions were very easy to follow. Thank you." Margaret - Otorohanga

leather boat interior before recolouring leather boat interior finished

Leather Boat Interior

"Hi Paul, I've just completed the work now and I'm thrilled with the results. The color match was perfect and the overall effect is a delight compared to their worn state. " Mike - Russell, Bay Of Islands

sofa before sofa after

"Pams Leather Sofa Rejuvenated

"Hi Paul, Here is the finished product! We are super happy about the results! We even got asked if our couches were new!" Pam - Auckland

couch before recolouring couch finished

Davids Leather Chairs Restored

"Hi Paul,thanks for sending your product and for the quality of it, I have to admit I was concerned what I might end up with but are totally blown away with how great the chairs look. Very easy to follow instructions and worthless chairs before now look amazing. " David - Oamaru

brown leather couch before completed restoration

Esthers Leather Couches

"To be honest, I was a little apprehensive starting this project, but your instructions and your helpful advice gave me confidence to continue. Now that its all done, I am amazed at the results, and would have no hesitation in recommending your process to others." Esther - Rotorua

worn out leather couch before finished restoration

Marks Leather Couch

"Paul, my leather couch looked absolutely disgusting! Now, using your kit and following your simple instructions ... I'm wapped! It looks totally awesome." Mark S - Timaru

steering wheel before steering wheel after

HSV Steering Wheel

"Mate ... absolutely stocked with your products. My steering wheel has come up like new. Legend! Thanks Warrick." - Taupo

couch before restoration couch after restoration

Waxed Oil Leather Care

"I thought I'd send these pics along. I'm really happy with the outcome and the leather now feels a lot softer! Thanks a mil, Marcelle." - Dunedin

Product used: Waxed Oil Leather Care Kit

couch before care couch after care

Brown Couch Restored

"Hi Paul. Thought you might like to see the end result. I am very pleased!" Mark - Christchurch

belinda leather chair restored

Brown Leather Suite Restored

"Hi Paul, One chair showing before ... the other finished ... such a difference! Thank you for helping me believe I could do this on my own! Cheers Belinda" - Blenheim

Here are the rest of Belinda's before and after photos ...

black leather couch restoration

Black Leather Couches

"Hi Paul, enclosed are photos of a before and after of our sofa's ..really happy with the result and appreciate the great service. Thanks for your help. Hare" - Christchurch

rolls royce before restoration rolls royce after restoration

1922 Rolls Royce Leather Seats

"Hi Paul, very happy with my finished project. Thanks so much for your help and advice, Andy." - North Canterbury

rolls royce before rolls royce after

Rolls Royce Leather Restoration

"Hi Paul, absolubetly blowen away with my results! My service agent couldn't believe I did it myself. Your spray system works like a charm and your colour match was spot on. Thanks again, Perry." - Auckland

tan couch before tan couch after

Olivers Leather Restoration Project

"Hi Paul, happy as with my results. Thanks so much for your help! Oliver." - Timaru

brown couch before brown couch after

Michelle's Leather Couch Restoration

"Hi Paul, here's a before and after photo. I am very happy with the result - it definitely looks better now. Thanks Michelle." - Auckland

leather couch before leather couch after

Rachaels Leather Couch

"I have just done our leather couch & chairs. We are very pleased with the results, looks like new again & for such a affordable price. Thanks for all your help and I will be telling people about you. Think Mum might do her couch too!" Rachael - Blenheim

leather couch before leather couch after

Worn Leather Couch Refinished

Here's some more before and after photos showing results after using my professional spray-on system. John - Tauranga

dining chair before dining chair after

Leather Dining Chairs Recoloured

"Hi Paul. Thank you for all the help with my restoration job. All six dining chairs now look great and as good as new. Very happy with the result. This is my first time attempting such a product. I am in my 70's and very proud of my efforts. Stella" - Nelson

black couch before couch after

Black Leather Couch Refinished

Steve from Wellington sent me these before and after photos of his restoration project using my professional spray-on system.

jag seats before jag seats after

E type Jag Seats Refinished

"Delighted with the end result of the refurbishment of my E Type seats ... " Warwick - Auckland

blue leather chair before blue leather chair after

Leather Retro Chairs Recoloured

"I followed your instructions to the letter, and the results are spectacular!" Mike - Auckland

blue leather sofa before blue leather sofa after

Blue Couch Get DIY Make Over

"This is a 20 year old sofa that I refused to put in my new home and now I'm so proud of what I have achieved ..." Sue - Wanaka

Green leather sofa before Green leather sofa after

Green Leather Couch And Chairs Recoloured

"After 14 years of use, the colour was wearing off and cracks were forming. Here's the results of DIY restoration kit ..."Ruvelyn - Queenstown

Austin Healey Leather Seats before Austin Healey Leather Seats after

Austin Healey Leather Seats Recoloured

"These badly discoloured seats needed refinished and I was up for the challenge. Have a look at these photos ..." Jim - Timaru

worn out leather couch before worn out leather couch after

Leather Couch Transformed

"My worn out leather couch was almost 'past it', but now it looks incredible!" More ...Michelle - Auckland

mk2 jaguar seats before mk2 jaguar seats after

Mk2 Jaguar Seats Refinished

"Using the profesional spray-on leather restoration products, here are some amazing DIY results."Andy - Christchurch

wax oil leather chairs before wax oil leather chairs after

Waxed Oiled Chairs Conditioned

"These chairs were dry and lifeless. You can see the difference here."Living With Style - Timaru

brown couch restoration before brown couch restoration after

Brown Leather Couch Gets Makeover

"Very happy with the results. The difference is dramatic." More ... Jason - New Plymouth

Audi Leather Seats

Care Products Used On Audi Leather Trim

"Cream leather seats are a begger to keep clean ... Not any more!" Linda - Australia

cracked black leather chairs After restoration

"Faded, Cracked Chairs Recoloured

"Hi Paul,attached are the before and after photo's of the leather chair I recently did using your restoration kit. The kit and instructions were easy to follow and use and the results speak for themselves. Thanks for your help." Mark - Auckland

before cream leather suite recoloured cream leather suite finished

Cream Leather Lounge Suite Recoloured To Original Colour

"Stained and cracked leather suite restored with DIY kit. More photos here ..."Don- Auckland

faded chair and footstool before the finished results

Faded Leather Recliner Chair And Footstool Recoloured To Original Colour

"Your instructions were easy to follow and we are very pleased with the results!." More ... Warwick - Tauranga

Ford Raptor

Ford Raptor Gets Leather Care

"I sent a leather care kit to me sister in Australia as a present. Here's what she said ..."John and Linda - Brisbane

waxed oiled couch before using care products After using waxed oiled care kit

Waxed Oiled Leather Couch Needed Attention

"I am so pleased with the results, the sofa now looks nourished and cared for without losing any of its original character." More photos here ...Liz - Invercargil

MGTD car leather before recolouring MGTD car leather finished and refitted into car

1951 MGTD Leather

"I've had a great result. It went very well as per your instructions. Great colour match!" See photos here.Paul - Auckland

Vintage car leather Vintage car leather

Restoring Vintage Car Leather

"Hi Paul, I finally reached the colour stage and all I can say is WOW!". Here are the 'before' and 'after' photos.Jim - Whangarei

Leather Boat Interior ready for restoration Leather Boat Interior finished

Restoring Leather Boat Interior

"Very happy with the results. So many people have commented on the massive improvement!" Here are more photos.Graeme - Nelson

XJ6 Jag Seats ready to restore XJ6 Jag Seats finished

XJ6 Jag Seats Recoloured

"George, from Nelson sent me these photos of his restoration project." George - Nelson

Pre-school leather couch needing work Pre-school leather couch restored

Holiday Project For Local Pre-School

"People who saw the couch afterwards assumed we'd replaced it, recovered it, or that I was a professional leather restorer! I am tickled pink with the result!" More here ...Keryn - Wellington

Black Leather Honda Seats showing wear Black Leather Honda Seats Refinished

Black Leather Honda Seats Refinished

"So so impressed with these products!" Photos here ...Neil - Christchurch

Worn Passat Leather Seats Passat Leather Seats Restored

Passat Leather Seats Restored

"Paul is clearly an expert in his field and very passionate with it. He's not a bad bloke either!" More photos here ...Lloyd - Auckland

Faded Leather Couches Red Leather Couches Rejuvinated

Faded Red Leather Couches Rejuvinated

"Hi paul, impressed or what! I am absolutely over the moon! Thank you!" Photos here ...Sharon - Queenstown

leather steering wheel showing scratches and wear leather steering wheel recoloured

Worn Leather Steering Wheels Restored

"Here are some 'before' and 'after' photos of a leather steering wheels Mike has just refinished. " Mike - Dunedin

worn out brown leather couch restored brown leather couch

Brown Leather Couch Restored To Original Colour

"Quite frankly I'm absolutely blown away by the results of your restoration kit. The photos don't do it justice! ." Tania - Rotorua.

restored leather settee

"Softening Dried Out Leather"

"Working with leather furniture, being able to soften leather naturally makes things so much easier. Here my experience with your products ." Julian Campbell - Blenheim

my worn leather couch finished couch

"I really thought I had ruined my couches!"

" ... but I followed your instructions to the letter and the results are simply amazing. Here are some of my photos ." Sally - Tauranga

scuffed leather couch Couch after repair

"Your Leather Products Helped Save My Beautiful Leather Couch

"Your detailed instructions were clear and easy to understand. Here are some before and after photos showing what I've achieved." Robin F - Auckland

brown leather couch couch now looks like new

My Much Loved Leather Couch Was In Desperate Need Of Some Colour

"Here's some photos of the amazing transformation I did on my leather couch. My husband was skeptical but now here's a believer! See photos here ..." Cecile - Glentunnel

falcon seats showing dirt seats cleaned

Dull, Lifeless Car Seats Cleaned And Conditioned

"Our recently purchased Falcon has leather seats but unfortunately, they looked dull and lifeless. But after using the cleaner, conditioner and protector, they look and feel so much better. Here's my photos ..." Keryn - Greymouth

scruffy green leather couch completed restoration work

Scruffy Leather Lounge Suite Restored By Grandmother

"I bought this second-hand leather suite on-line but when it arrived, it looked worse than I thought. It was going to cost more than $2,000 to get a local restorer to colour it! But then I found Paul Ford and with his help and products, the results were amazing. Here's what I did ..." Marlene - Matamata

drivers seat showing wear interior finished

Retired Businessman Restores BMW Leather

"I never would have believed that someone like myself, could get such professional results, right off the cuff! When I'd finished I took the car down to the local BMW dealership but they didn't believe I did it ... it looked too professional. I took that as a compliment! My story proves anyone can do this..."Kerry Golan - Hastings

Leather Care Products Used On Cream Leather Loung Suite

cream loung suite

"Hi Paul. Just wanted to let you know that your leather care products are awesome! I have a cream leather lounge suite that was really dirty. Your cleaner and brush literally disolved the dirt and I can't believe how clean it looks. After conditioning and protecting, the leather now feels beautiful! My misses is really fussy and hard to please but right now she's sitting in one of the chairs rubbing her hands over the arms with a big grin on her face! So, well done mate. Your stuff is exceptional!" Keith - Auckland

half cleaned leather tub chair

White Leather Tub Chairs Cleaned

"Hi Paul. Thanks for your cleaner and protector. The cleaner seems to remove the dirt quite well. Here's a picture of my leather tub chair half cleaned. The leather also feels softer. Certainly made a big difference. These chairs have been stored in a garage for quite a while so it's nice to get them looking fresh again." Lisa - Auckland

Black Leather Car Seats Cleaned And Conditioned

black car seat

"I have a car with black leather upholstery. To clean the outside I use a Mothers product which does a brillant job. So I assumed their leather cleaner would be good too but I was very dissapointed. It made the leather feel very slippery which I noticed especially when driving. I found your website and felt very comfortable with your approach and advice and went ahead and bought your "triple pack plus brush". So far I've only done the 2 front seats and the leather feels noticeably softer and natural instead of slippery. One thing I have noticed over the past week is the drivers seat is now feeling softer than the passenger seat so I think that the conditioner seems to go deeper when leather is used more. Your products work brilliantly and I'll be using them on my lounge suite as well. Thanks." Karyn - Christchurch