The Leather Care System And How It Works

For Those Who Are Serious About Getting Best Results

The products in my Leather Care System are designed to work hand-in-glove with each other. This is the only way I 've found to get the best results.

These are not all-in-one 'give it a quick wipe over ' products or combination 2 or even 3 in 1 products. In my experience, the results from these are far less effective and in some cases detrimental to leather.

How The Leather Care System Works


First the leather is cleaned with leather cleaner to remove all soiling from the pores and the surface of the leather.

This leather cleaner is designed to easily remove soiling and dirt from the surface of leathers. Being pH neutral, it will not harm the leather finish or remove any of the natural oils which keep leather supple.


The leather conditioner is applied to replenish the natural oils and moisture which have evaporated.

This is the conditioner I use in professional work for maintaining the suppleness and flexibility of leather. It is made with the same natural oils used in the tannery.


Finally, the leather protector is applied over the leather surface. This leaves an invisible, protective film sealing in the conditioner and helping prevent further soiling from touching the original finish.

In other words, it forms an invisible barrier which catches the contamination and prevents it from reaching the leather finish. Now, this protective barrier is not designed to be permanent ... it is sacrificial.

It's formulated to be easily removed with the cleaner ... with all the soiling embedded in it ... leaving your leather finish relatively untouched.

Then, the protector is reapplied and the cycle begins again.

In fact, it works in much the same way as barrier cream does.

Tests have shown that once the protector has been applied over cleaned leather, it will considerably improve the rub fastness and wear ability of leather.

This is very simple, yet effective system ... and anyone can do it.

And you may also be interested to know, these products are biodegradable, not toxic and dissolvable in water.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT substitute any of these products with another brand. This is a complete self-contained system with each product compatible with the others.