How To Find A Leather Sample

In order to accurately match the colour of your leather, we will need a sample of the EXACT colour you want matched to.

A sample the size of your thumb or larger will be ideal. Getting a sample can be a bit of a challenge so you may need to be a little creative.

Remember, the larger the sample, the more accurate the colour match. Here are some ideas ...

Lounge Suites:


Turn a chair or couch on its back and under the dust cover, you can ofter find excess leather stapled underneath. Here's what to do:

remove foot

Remove one of the feet

remove staples

Remove staples with a flat blade screw driver.

remove dust cover

Peel back the dust cover and often you will see excess leather.

cut sample

Cut as big a sample as you can. The size of your thumb or larger.

replace foot

Replace dust cover by lightly tapping with a hammer, then refit the foot.


If you have a recliner chair, you will often see excess leather here as well.


If you have removable seat cushions, you can remove the filling and send us the cover, and we'll return it with your kit.


Your local retailer may have a sample of your leather colour. Again, we'll return it with your kit.


If all else fails, you can send a colour sample from a paint chart.