Preschool Leather Couch Restored As Holiday Project

Products Used: Wipe-On Leather Restoration Kit

Keryn, from a preschool in Wellington sent me the following ...

"Hi Paul, Here’s a testimonial for your website. The couch restoration went superbly – as you can see from the pictures attached! I couldn’t stop smiling. I hope the pictures will do. Below is text you can use if you wish."

BEFORE restoration ...

couch before restoration

AFTER restoration ...

couch after restoration

"We had a quality leather couch at our preschool. We were thinking we might have to replace it because the seating area was heavily worn. It seemed such a shame because the foam was still in good condition, the couch was comfortable and it was the perfect size for us. Instead, I looked into leather restoration and I found Paul Ford. A DIY restoration was the best solution for us.

I’ll freely admit it was nerve-wracking at times (especially working on a couch I didn’t own!), but the whole process was simple. I followed the instructions and as a result we have a near-new-looking couch!

People who saw the couch afterwards assumed we’d replaced it, recovered it, or that I was a professional leather restorer.

I now feels waxy and supple, lovely and smooth.

I am tickled pink with the result.

Your products really are THAT GOOD. I'll definitely be recommending them!"


Good work Keryn!