Faded Leather Recliner Chair And Footstool Recoloured To Original Colour

Products Used: Wipe-on Leather Restoration Kit

"Hi Paul, I am wanting to restore the condition of my recliner chair to its original colour. Can you kindly advise if you consider this would be a suitable chair for me to treat with your products. If you feel this is a possibility I will froward a sample of the leather to you for colour matching purposes."

"Here are the photos ..."

the recliner showing wear
the foot stool with no colour

As you can see, the leather is looking worn and tired ... but is an ideal DIY restoration project. Warwick sent me a leather sample for a colour match. I got to work, made up his restoration kit and sent it off.

All was quiet for a few weeks then out of the blue the following photos turned up in my email box ...

the finished chair
close up of refinished leather

"Well, at last I have got stuck in and completed the restoration project. I am very pleased with the results and my wife is even more pleased that the chair now looks as good as new."

"I have to say, I found your instruction booklet very well written and easy to follow - almost like having a personal instructor along side me."

I'm really impressed! Well done Warwick, a true masterpiece.